The RISE mobile app

I made the difficult decision to remove the mobile app from the reasonably foreseeable future of RISE. It will appear again in 2.0, but for now, the app has been delayed.


Simply put it: The app is like developing RISE twice, except even harder the second time. An app needs a full update to itself, and by then the patterns and design must have matured to the point of perfection.

In the world of ‘There’s an app for that’, it sure does seem like a strange move to delay the app, but I hope you’ll understand from my perspective the prospect of developing RISE twice and maintaining both at the same time is impossible.

The app will reappear in that fabuosly big 2.0 update, but looking at what’s ahead of me for 1,7 1,8 and 1,9, 2.0 is a long while out.

RISE version 1.6.2 is released

RISE version 1.6.2 has been released and is available for download. Read about the changes below:


  • Recoloured the search icon in dark mode
  • Fixed broken positioning of the content frame
  • Card borders will now appear black instead of white in dark mode
  • Fixed broken content frame in dark mode

Compatibility notes

RISE 1.6.2 is fully compatible with all previous versions of RISE and ready to be ported across. No major changes to project structure were made.

A reminder about the RISE update strategy

In between large versions, I release small updates that incorporate changes and bug fixes developed in the next large version. These updates are simply to reduce the radio silence while I’m hard at work and quickly patch some issues that can’t wait.

The future of RISE

RISE UI is the largest single project I have ever started with thousands of hours of UX research, brainstorming, designing and developing under my belt so far at just version 1.7. The RISE project’s goal is to create a dashboard interface for the future, combining ease of use with insane power. RISE will work on every screen, for every person, with every feature. Multitasking, dark mode, emails, the weather; RISE literally has everything.

Currently, I’m working towards shipping many large features with each release while also fixing smaller issues. Between each update, I ship bug fix patches. The next update to RISE, 1.7, will be the largest yet, featuring a redesigned dashboard, dark mode, a new login experience, split-screen, multi-tasking, cross-workspace smart AI search, notifications, email, calendar, settings, about me, weather and statuses. Currently looking at the Trello roadmap, this will take several weeks to ship.

After 1.7 is out the door, 1.8 will feature a new CRM service, billing and finance management and chat. Although this looks small on the surface, new services take weeks, sometimes months to implement.

1.9 will be a small update that fixes many bugs and makes many small tweaks to the design to prepare it for Version 2. I also hope to address accessibility problems in 1.9.

Version 2.0 will be the largest update ever by far, with many, many features released, a mobile app, design overhauls, tutorials, a new pattern system and so much more. Stay tuned for news on 2.0.

What will happen to RISE after it’s finished?

RISE was originally created as a fictional design prompt but has grown into a large ecosystem that I will most likely release under an MIT license for everyone to use as their user interface.

RISE UI Version 1.7 Early Progress Update

When I created Rise UI, I set out to do one thing: Create the perfect dashboard. And now, with Rise 1.7 coming along, I’m finally starting to see that happening. Rise 1.7 brings the project closer and closer to completion with the biggest update yet. Here’s an overview of the progress so far. Keep in mind that what I’m sharing are VERY, VERY early prototypes that will certainly change to improved solutions.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming a more and more requested feature in almost all apps, so to reduce eye strain and save battery, dark mode can be toggeled in Rise.

The current implementation of a dark mode switch is a very early prototype to go along with the redesigned top menu.

Top Menu Redesign

We’ve shrunk and simplified the top menu to make it appear more visually consistent.

VERY, VERY Early prototype

The picture above is a very, very early prototype, but we will most likely shrink the menu again and change the color and size of the icons.

Split Screen

Split Screen lets you have multiple pages open at the same time and work with both of them.

Currently, split-screen can be toggled from the title panel with an icon. This area will soon house other actions to change your view or share your page.

Changes To Logging In

We’ve designed a new login experience from the ground up.

It’s more visually appealing and much easier to use. It also features our fancy new floating labels that we’re added to the sticker sheet in 1.6.

More To Come

Keep an eye on the Rise UI Trello board for more information. We’ll have updates on 1.7 coming very soon, with many new exciting features coming shortly.