When I created Rise UI, I set out to do one thing: Create the perfect dashboard. And now, with Rise 1.7 coming along, I’m finally starting to see that happening. Rise 1.7 brings the project closer and closer to completion with the biggest update yet. Here’s an overview of the progress so far. Keep in mind that what I’m sharing are VERY, VERY early prototypes that will certainly change to improved solutions.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming a more and more requested feature in almost all apps, so to reduce eye strain and save battery, dark mode can be toggeled in Rise.

The current implementation of a dark mode switch is a very early prototype to go along with the redesigned top menu.

Top Menu Redesign

We’ve shrunk and simplified the top menu to make it appear more visually consistent.

VERY, VERY Early prototype

The picture above is a very, very early prototype, but we will most likely shrink the menu again and change the color and size of the icons.

Split Screen

Split Screen lets you have multiple pages open at the same time and work with both of them.

Currently, split-screen can be toggled from the title panel with an icon. This area will soon house other actions to change your view or share your page.

Changes To Logging In

We’ve designed a new login experience from the ground up.

It’s more visually appealing and much easier to use. It also features our fancy new floating labels that we’re added to the sticker sheet in 1.6.

More To Come

Keep an eye on the Rise UI Trello board for more information. We’ll have updates on 1.7 coming very soon, with many new exciting features coming shortly.

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