RISE UI is the largest single project I have ever started with thousands of hours of UX research, brainstorming, designing and developing under my belt so far at just version 1.7. The RISE project’s goal is to create a dashboard interface for the future, combining ease of use with insane power. RISE will work on every screen, for every person, with every feature. Multitasking, dark mode, emails, the weather; RISE literally has everything.

Currently, I’m working towards shipping many large features with each release while also fixing smaller issues. Between each update, I ship bug fix patches. The next update to RISE, 1.7, will be the largest yet, featuring a redesigned dashboard, dark mode, a new login experience, split-screen, multi-tasking, cross-workspace smart AI search, notifications, email, calendar, settings, about me, weather and statuses. Currently looking at the Trello roadmap, this will take several weeks to ship.

After 1.7 is out the door, 1.8 will feature a new CRM service, billing and finance management and chat. Although this looks small on the surface, new services take weeks, sometimes months to implement.

1.9 will be a small update that fixes many bugs and makes many small tweaks to the design to prepare it for Version 2. I also hope to address accessibility problems in 1.9.

Version 2.0 will be the largest update ever by far, with many, many features released, a mobile app, design overhauls, tutorials, a new pattern system and so much more. Stay tuned for news on 2.0.

What will happen to RISE after it’s finished?

RISE was originally created as a fictional design prompt but has grown into a large ecosystem that I will most likely release under an MIT license for everyone to use as their user interface.

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