I made the difficult decision to remove the mobile app from the reasonably foreseeable future of RISE. It will appear again in 2.0, but for now, the app has been delayed.


Simply put it: The app is like developing RISE twice, except even harder the second time. An app needs a full update to itself, and by then the patterns and design must have matured to the point of perfection.

In the world of ‘There’s an app for that’, it sure does seem like a strange move to delay the app, but I hope you’ll understand from my perspective the prospect of developing RISE twice and maintaining both at the same time is impossible.

The app will reappear in that fabuosly big 2.0 update, but looking at what’s ahead of me for 1,7 1,8 and 1,9, 2.0 is a long while out.

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